4833 Cypress Woods Drive, Orlando FL 32811


Phone: 321-304-0386
Fax: 407-852-8030


Address: 4833 Cypress Woods Drive,
Orlando FL 32811

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 8AM-8PM

Sat:  9AM-4PM

Sun: 10AM-4PM

By Phone:

We need to ask questions to determine the logistics of your move, please allow about 15 minutes for this conversation. If your move is relatively simple we can give you a good idea of the cost over the phone. If you are given a phone quote, your crew lead will also provide a written estimate prior to beginning your move.

By Email:

We will send a detailed questionnaire that you may fill out and return. All of the information is important, please fill it out completely so that we can give you the most accurate quote possible.


If your move is large or complicated we may require an on-site estimate; the estimator will come to your home, at no cost, to review your belongings and plan your move. He will explain to you what to expect on moving day and prepare a written estimate of the cost. Allow at least one hour for your free on-site estimate.

We want to provide the most accurate estimate possible. Please show your estimator every room and storage area, including attic, basement, garage or shed. (Should you forget any areas they will be added in a “supplemental estimate” on moving day, and the estimated cost increased accordingly.) Bring to the estimator’s attention any items that may require special handling or packing, such as fragile porcelains, family heirlooms, art or valuables.

Please note that we do not perform on-site estimates for simple moves where a phone quote will suffice.


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