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Safe, Secure and Reliable Moving Services In Avalon Park


Moving is never an easy task. Whether it is a long-distance move or just a local move there is stress involved in making sure you feel prepared and ready. Hiring movers can make your experience an easy one if you find the right ones. Here are a handful of reasons to hire professional movers. 

Professional movers will have moved people hundreds if not thousands of times and have the experience and the supplies to pack up and box your items. Companies offer a variety of packing options that range from self-packing, fragile specific packing, and full-service packing. Additionally, since they have done it so many times they can provide tips on how to best pack your own items or they can do all that for you. Here at Orlando Express Movers we take the utmost care of your belongings when we pack and transport them.

Movers are also prepared with all the needed equipment to help you move your items. The first thing that is done when they get to your property is to use pads and covers to protect your property from any damage or debris. When they are ready to load your items into the truck they make sure that all your boxes are labeled properly and loaded based on your needs. At Orlando Express Movers we also can disassemble and assemble your beds, dressers, and entertainment centers whenever it is needed. When it comes to unloading, your boxes are put where you ask them to be set, and for the things that needed to be put in a storage facility you just let us know. 

When you move with a professional moving company you can have peace of mind that your items are insured. Companies have different options that you can pick to protect your items that range from basic or upgraded coverage. All companies are different so find out which items are included in each protection plan. If you are in the Avalon Park area and you are looking to move then give Orlando Express Movers a call.