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Making a decision for a Local Moving Company is not an easy task. With a combined Relocation experience of more than 10 years, Orlando Express Movers is an expert in the local moving services. There are number of things, which you should know when selecting the right instate movers for your relocation. What we believe advantages like clean furniture pads, trucks and professional relocation consultants should be considered as basic practice. What sets us apart from other Moving Companies is a proof of a higher standard at every relocation service we offer to our valued customers. Read our professional movers reviews to what our clients say about us. Make sure to check our local moving reviews.

Our clients review


Esther Trapp

May 7. 2023

Orlando Express Movers Inc team Alex, Egor, Ali, and Beksultan was very efficient, timely, and friendly. They took every measure to protect our furniture and walls as they moved everything into our new home. Would definitely recommend for moving needs!

Maria Scardino Tambke

April 16. 2023

We researched several companies. Orlando Express Movers were the best quote and an amazing professional hard work team that took great care of our stuff!! Thank you guys!!

Leah Cox

June 12, 2022

This team was amazing to work with! They were very efficient splitting up tasks to dissemble furniture, wrap it, move it and moved everything without issue. We had a lot of heavy items and took a full 8 hours and they were great the entire time!

Tom Klecha

April 14, 2021

Great crew arrived on time and finished quickly and professionally. This is my third time using them to move and they have consistently exceeded expectations. I will use again.

Richa Sheth

September 26, 2020

Best moving company out there. Alex always responded to me when I called and the movers were wonderful. They were professional and treated my belongings with care. I will be using them if I move again.

Eric Blackwell

June 18, 2019

There is a reason why they have 5 star reviews! It was such a pleasure working with them. Excellent customer service. Quality stress-free moving!

Miguel Romero

May 25, 2019

Great guys! Our family has used them twice already and we will be using them again down the road. Quick and patient with us. I was able to set up a moving service the next day. Thank you for all your help!

Rafael R.

June 12, 2018

Moving is not easy and OEM took a lot of stress away while working side by side with me. You can do as little or as much as you want and that’s important on a budget. Not planning on moving for a long time I I would definitely and highly recommend Orlando Express Movers!

Adelaide R.

November 20, 2018

All I can say is WOW. Best moving experience I’ve had.
I’ll definitely be recommending them to anyone I know. Thanks guys for all your hard work!

Moving your business from one place to another isn’t as easy as shifting homes. There are different challenges to tackle and multiple factors to consider. However, with the help of a professional business moving company like us, office moving in Florida can be hassle-free!

Commercial moves presents different challenges than those of a typical residential move. Planning an office move while working on day-to-day business operations can be a stressful task, if you are going to need the help of an expert moving company or you are looking for reliable office relocation services in the Orlando area, there is only one name you should be considering”Orlando Express Movers INC”. With years of experience providing moving services in Orlando and entire Florida state we become the trusted name in Central Florida.

Therefore, if you are in search of reliable and professional commercial business movers, then Orlando Express Movers is the name you can count on.

For any office, business or industrial move, we will have a dedicated moving consultant who will work directly with you in creating a moving plan, organizing and executing your office relocation. Our commercial office movers work in an organized and efficient manner in an effort to eliminate the possibility of disruption to your workplace. We have the expertise, equipment and resources!

Our trained commercial movers will transport your office assets quickly and safely all while ensuring no damage occurs to your office items or building.

The best commercial movers in town

To provide you with a seamless commercial moving service, we have a dedicated moving consultant for each client. This ensures everything goes according to your plan, from moving to organizing and executing your workplace relocation.

We have a team of well-versed commercial business movers who have years of experience and work to ensure that your business is moved efficiently without disrupting your office’s overall look.

Our business moving company has all the expertise, equipment, and resources that would be essential in the entire moving process. The Orlando Express Movers takes pride in having trained movers who will transport your office assets safely, so you don’t have to worry about any damage to your office belongings.

Our services:

Besides safety, reliability, and professionalism, as a commercial moving company, we also provide the following office relocation services:

  • Project management
  • Records management
  • Office furniture moving
  • Office equipment moving
  • Hospital and healthcare facility moving
  • Library moving
  • File and server relocations


Tips to make office relocation convenient

As a dedicated commercial moving company in Orlando, FL, it is not only our job to provide you with the best services but also to assist you along the way. We consider it our duty to make office relocation a smooth experience for our clients.

Here are some simple yet effective tips that you can follow to prepare for your big (moving) day:

Take care of your IT

One of the most expensive and essential aspects of your office is the electronics like laptops, desktops, printers, etc. These items need be dealt with carefully when moving to avoid any damage.

The last thing you want at your office on a moving day is all the electronic items just as you left them. Therefore, it is important to coordinate with your IT staff beforehand and inform them about your moving plan.

This way, your staff will have plenty of time to arrange and decide the order of moving equipment to your new office.

Planning the key

To stay ahead of the curve, make sure you have your moving plan ready months before the actual day. A proper plan will save you and your employees from chaos that is likely to happen in an unplanned office relocation.

We recommend our clients to jot down essential factors like moving date, list of things that needs moving and the order of shifting the office equipment to your new workplace.

Together with a plan, not only we will accomplish everything, but you will also have a vivid image in advance of all the tasks.

Schedule your meeting accordingly

The best advice we can give you as a friendly moving company is to plan all your office meetings and assignments according to your moving plan.

Inform all your clients and suppliers in advance about your office relocation. This will not only be an act of courtesy but also a sign of professionalism from your end.

No matter what your business needs are, Orlando Express Movers are here to help. Reach out to us through our agent today to get a quote and schedule an on-site walk-through with our moving coordinator.

To get in touch, fill in the form online or give us a call, and we will be glad to be at your service!


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