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The Only Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need

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If you know someone who has left before or done it yourself, then you know that the process is an exercise in planning and logistics. It is also a task with numerous physical aspects. In order to make this process as seamless as possible, you need to come up with a relocation checklist of everything that needs to be done.

Do you want to make sure that you do not forget anything or end up leaving something off your list? If you are nodding yes, below is a compiled moving checklist that will help you keep track of everything. It will tell you everything you need to do before you move and detail a checklist of things to do after moving.


Things To Do Before You Move

A moving planner consists of more things than you would expect and takes considerable time. If you want to make sure that the process is affordable and stress-free, then you need to use the following moving guide to prepare well in advance.

8 Weeks Before The Move

 Come up with a budget

Outlining a clear and simple budget will allow you to decide how to plan the move. A well-made and properly thought-out budget will aid in determining all the tasks that you can handle on your own. It will also give you a chance to figure out the number and type of tasks you can leave to the movers.

Take a leave from work

This is an important part of a moving checklist because this step allows you to work out a schedule for the shifting. Remember that moving on an off-season date, especially on a weekday, will be relatively cheap.

 Give notice to the landlord

Any moving planner you create includes a budget, which you need to stick to to ensure that the shifting is not too hard on your pocket. Therefore, you should inform your landlord beforehand about, or they may charge an additional fee.

6 Weeks Before The Move

  Spend quality time with loved ones

You may be wondering why this is part of the moving guide but making time for family and friends is important to minimize the emotional stress of shifting. This is also recommended for children who are moving away from their friends.

Make a travel plan

Creating a travel plan is one of the first things you need to figure out on a moving checklist. If you are moving to a new city or country, then you need to make plans for travel in advance.

4 Weeks Before The Move

The Only Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Pick a moving company

Once you have compared all your quotes, you need to choose a moving company. You need to do this at least a month before moving day and before you can complete your relocation checklist.

Carry out essential software updates

This is also a part of the checklist of things to do after moving because of its significance. You need to ensure that all your phones and computers have the latest software so that you are not running updates at the last minute.

2 Weeks Before The Move

Return borrowed items

Being an accidental thief is not a part of your moving checklist. Thus, keep a close eye on items borrowed and set reminders to return them.

Shut down and set up utilities

Any moving guide you read will tell you to schedule a shut-off date for your utilities at your current home as you start setting them up for your new one.

Back up phones and computers

Ensure that all your data is backed up on a cloud storage service or a hard drive in case your electronics get damaged in transit.

Things To Do On Moving Day

Moving day is finally here! This is the moment you have been waiting for! Take a deep breath and try not to let the anxiety take over. You have done everything according to the moving planner and are well prepared.

Just make sure to do one final sweep of your empty house to see if you left anything important behind and say goodbye.

Things To Do After The Move

Once all your items have arrived, you can proceed with the checklist of things to do after moving. The following tasks should be accomplished at the earliest to prevent any stress later on.

 Leave a review for your moving company

Leave a detailed review for the company that helped you transport all your belongings from one place to the other as a sign of appreciation. You can also give suggestions for improvement if you notice any hiccups in the process.

Get rid of packing materials

As you start to unpack, sell off your packing materials to someone in need or give them away to a loved one about to move.

Check utilities

Ensure that all your plumbing areas and outlet are in order. If any issues arise, you will be able to deal with them at the earliest.

As it is evident to you by now, moving is a complicated and long process. However, you can make it easier on yourself by planning ahead and being organized. Use this detailed checklist and keep a check on everything important. Good luck!


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