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Factors That Will Affect Your Moving Estimate

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We know how exhausting a move can be, especially when you have to consider multiple things together and are already short on time. As so much is going on at the same time, moving from one place to another can even drain you out at times.

Do you want to be fully prepared for your move and want to consider all the factors that will affect your moving budget as you are on a tight budget and don’t want to end up spending more than necessary? Read on to find out more about those factors.


Factors That Will Affect How Much Your Move Will Cost 


  • Distance of the Move

In 2020, around 28.8 million people in the US changed their homes. While 17.5 million stayed in the same county, 4.2 moved to a different state. Now, it is obvious that all of these people didn’t pay the same amount for their move. Those who moved to a different state must have faced higher moving costs compared to those who stayed in the same county. Similarly, if you are moving long-distance, then the moving cost will be higher as well because it will require more time, effort, and fuel on the moving company’s part. However, if you are moving short-distance, then the charges will be considerably less.


  • How Many Things You Have 

Your moving estimate will also vary depending on the things that you have and want to move. It is quite simple, actually. The more items and stuff you have to move, the more effort and time will be taken to ensure that all the items have been packed and loaded. An increased number of items also means that more manpower will be required, a large-sized truck will have to be brought in, and a greater number of people will have to work together. 


  • What Services Are You Seeking 


What sort of services will you be expecting from the movers during the move? Will they have to handle all aspects of moving, such as packing all the items, loading them, transporting them to the new house, and then unpacking them and setting them up for you as well? If that is what you are looking for, then you will have to increase your budget as everything will be handled for you. However, if you don’t want to spend that much, then you can simply pack and unpack all the items yourself and request transportation only. 


  • The Time of Your Move 

As all businesses and industries have peak times for their business, the same will be the case for a moving company. Usually, moving companies change their rates according to how busy they are, so if you are moving at a busy time, then you can expect higher charges. Usually, most people move during the summer holidays, which is also the end of the school year, so it might turn out to be a little costly for you. However, if you book a move during the winter season, during the monsoon, or in the middle of the year, chances are that you will come across budget-friendly rates for the move. Keep in mind that many people also plan their move on either the 1st or the 30 or 31st of a month because that is when their rental agreement expires, so the rates are usually high at that time as well. 


  • Moving Insurance 

There are some moving companies that provide moving insurance, which means that they will give you full protection if your items get lost, or someone breaks them by accident during a move. When that happens, they will take full responsibility to replace those items for you or reimburse you the amount for the same value. However, keep in mind that if a moving company offers moving insurance, then that means that they will charge you a bit higher for their services as well. Getting moving insurance can be a good idea during a long-distance move as there are higher chances of a mishap happening. 


  • Extra or Additional Services 

If you have additional requirements or need some additional services, then the charges will also increase according to what you require. Different things like unpacking, assembling, re-arranging, or handling fragile items separately, all of these services will increase your cost. Moreover, at times people also need a storage area when they can’t move their items into the new home immediately. If you store your items in a proper facility or storage, then you will be charged accordingly for that as well by the moving company. 

Planning a move or figuring out an estimate doesn’t have to be that difficult if you keep all the tips in mind and do your research properly. If you are looking for a professional moving company that listens to your requirements and handles your move accordingly, you can contact us today at Orlando Express Movers. You can also give us a call for a free estimate at 321-304-0386.



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