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Preparing your children for a Move: Tips and Tricks

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Moving is a big deal. Moving for a kid is an even bigger deal. How can you help your kids prepare for your move?

In many cases, people tend to be more focused on how to move furniture, decor, and other essential household items (i.e., how to protect these during the move, where to place them in your new home, etc.) only to discover at the last minute that there is what seems like an endless amount of clothing stored in dressers and closets that have to be quickly somehow packed and loaded (or, worst case, tossed) into a moving truck or a personal vehicle. And in these cases, when the clothing is packed in a hurry, it’s not usually organized in a manner that’s easy to unpack and can also sometimes even become damaged during the move.

The following tips on the best way to pack clothes for moving can help you to streamline and organize the moving process for your clothing. Although some of these steps can be performed at the last minute, several steps you can take well in advance of your moving date will save you time and effort during the move.


Start with their feelings


Express your feelings about the move and acknowledge the emotions of your kid, be transparent. By being transparent yourself, you can help them understand that it’s normal to feel a range of emotions during a significant change.

Address their fears and concerns

Moving can be a stressful time for kids, so it’s important to listen to their fears and concerns and address them openly and honestly.
Making a list of pros and cons of the move is a great idea. Encourage your children to participate in this exercise and discuss their thoughts and feelings. This will not only help them process the move but also give you a better understanding of their concerns and needs. Additionally, discussing the new lifestyle and opportunities that come with the move can help create a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Get them involved

Ask your children to help prepare for the move. Allow them to decide what items they want to take to a new house; what items they want to take to a Goodwill – this will help your children to feel more in control of the situation.

Pack your kids last

That will help to have everything prepared faster and allow kids to have access to all the items they need.
If you are packing in the boxes, you might want to have some brightly colored makers, stickers and tapes. Write names and locations where items used to be on each box, it will help to easily recognize what belonging is in the box.

Maintain routines

Keeping your child’s routines as normal as possible can help provide a sense of stability and comfort during a time of change.

Get them excited

Show your kids pictures of the new home, neighborhood, and surrounding areas to help get them excited about the move. If possible, visit the new area with your kids and explore the new community together.

Keep them informed

Keep your kids informed about the moving timeline, changes to their routines, and what they can expect when they arrive in the new place. Create a timeline for the move, including important dates and what tasks need to be completed. This will help your kids understand what to expect and give them a sense of structure.

Celebrate new beginnings

Moving is a new beginning for the whole family, so celebrate it. Focusing on the positive aspects of the move can help make the transition smoother and less stressful for everyone, especially kids. Celebrating the new beginning can also help create excitement and build anticipation for the adventures ahead. Encouraging kids to see the move as a new opportunity for growth and experience can help make the process more exciting and less intimidating.
These are a few ways to help your kids prepare for a move and make the transition smoother.



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