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How to Move a Washing Machine

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Moving house is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting but stressful things you’ll ever do, so it’s worth taking the time to make it as easy and painless as you can.

It’s easy to forget that your white goods are moving with you with all the preparation and packing involved. It will be important to ensure the safe and proper way of moving a washer, which will call for some planning.


There are times when people don’t want to give up their favorite appliances, and when they move, they find themselves wondering how to transport a washing machine. However, you would too if you realized how difficult washer moving is.

The good news is that this blog has all the information needed to move a washing machine safely.

Prepare your washing machine for the move

You must disconnect the washing machine from the mains and stop the water flow to the appliance before taking any further action. The water supply hose may then be separated from the water supply. Turn the threaded connector counterclockwise to do this.

The water supply tap and hose should be covered with a towel since there can be a small leak when you disconnect. Once more, place a towel below to catch any leaks, and remove the drainage hose

from the wastewater outlet. To absorb any water that may leak out when moving the washer, you can cover the ends of the water supply and wastewater hoses with towels.

Make sure the washing machine’s inside is tidy and dry. Verify that the inside is totally dry and that there is no detergent residue in the detergent drawer, any debris in the filter, or any clogs. Read our article on how to clean your washing machine for further advice on cleaning appliances.

To get rid of all the moisture within, try to keep your washing machine door open for at least 24 hours.



The move

The hoses for the water supply, sewage collection, and electricity can now be connected to the back of the washing machine, which can now be removed from its mounting. If you plan to move the washing machine by yourself, keep in mind that it is a large appliance and that you will need assistance, especially if you plan to move it up or down stairs.

Call your helpers

Make sure your friends or family are present to assist you on the big moving day. You should never attempt to move the washing machine on your own.

Wrap blankets around the washing machine


To prevent dents and scratches, completely enclose the washer with heavy blankets. Use rope or packing tape to fix them.


Place it on top of the dolly



Using a dolly washing machine is the most straightforward way to transport a washing machine. Slide the dolly beneath the washer while it is tilted to one side. Reposition it so that it is upright by gently raising it. Rope or movable straps might be used to secure the equipment.

Move the washer

When moving a washing machine, keep it upright at all times. The drum and other parts risk serious damage if you set it on its side. Take the washer outside the home slowly and cautiously, being especially careful when you move it upstairs or downstairs.

Put the washing machine in the van

Load the washing machine onto the moving van using a loading ramp or the tail lift. To keep it from moving while you’re moving, strap it to the sides. Make sure you move it upright and that it won’t move or topple over while being moved.

How to move a washing machine by yourself

Asking yourself how much a washing machine weighs before deciding to move it yourself is a good idea. Moving a washing machine by yourself is not advised. Moving a washing machine by yourself may not be simple because they typically weigh between 60 and 90 kg. You’ll need at least two people to lift it. Always make an effort to ask friends or relatives for assistance. Use professional movers’ services if that isn’t a possibility. This method will be considerably safer because you’ll shield both yourself and the washing machine from harm.

Need help moving a washing machine?

You may always rely on the professionals if transferring a washing machine turns out to be too challenging, or you’re just not confident about the best way to transport a washing machine on your own. The experts can help you with how to move the washer and dryer you need, thanks to their years of expertise in the sector! Moving a washing machine without transit bolts? Not to worry! With that as well, Orlando Express Movers can assist! Whether you are an expert mover or a novice, our washer-moving services are ideal for you.



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