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How to handle moving your pets safely and comfortably

When it comes to pets, preparation is everything.

Make sure you packed all essentials separately from the rest of the belongings as you might need them during the move. You might want to bring a few items with you: leash, litter items, carrier, water and food bowls, food and water itself and some toys.


If you are a cat owner, your preparations should start with introducing your cat to their carrier. Make it feel as a safe place. You can even put a blanket there. Place your cat inside, give treats and let your cat feel relaxed around it.For dogs owners we recommend to give attention to smells. If you decide to move your dog in the crate, you can put their blanket with them as well as their favourite toy. Let your dog smell the crate and surroundings. If possible, take your dog to your new home before your move. Smelling the inside and outside of the house will help your dog to feel more comfortable before moving.


Don’t forget to update your pet’s information in advance before your move. Make sure your pet’s identification tags are up-to-date with your new address and phone number. More than that, you need to be sure about your pet’s records, including vaccination records. Those need to be updated and accessible in case of an emergency.

On the moving day you might want to have your animal somewhere safe and areas free of moving. Consider leaving your pet with a trusted friend or at a pet daycare while the movers are working. If not, make sure your animals have name tags with address on it. It’s very hard to keep an eye on them while moving your belongings. Remember, most likely, all the doors will be open during moving period, so your cat or dog may sneak out and you will spend the rest of the day searching for them or, in worse case scenario, all your moving time will be changed, delayed because of not being able to track your animal’s location.

While the cost is the key and should be your priority, it shouldn’t be the sole factor you should focus on. If a moving company offers very low prices and things seem fishy, don’t opt for such a company. You can also reach out directly for an estimate so they can guide you better. 


By following these tips and being prepared, you can help ensure a smooth and stress-free move for you and your furry friend.

In addition, here are some tips for traveling with animals by plane:
1. Research airline policies: Each airline has its own rules and regulations for traveling with pets. Make sure you understand the specific requirements for the airline you’ll be traveling with.
2. Reserve in advance: Book your pet’s flight as early as possible and let the airline know that you’ll be traveling with a pet.
3. Choose the right carrier: Choose a carrier that meets the airline’s requirements and is suitable for your pet’s size and comfort.
4. Acclimate your pet to the carrier: Introduce your pet to the carrier well in advance of the trip to reduce stress during travel.
5. Pack essentials: Pack food, water, medications, and any other essentials that your pet may need during the trip.
6. Label the carrier: Label the carrier with your pet’s name, your name, your destination address, and a contact phone number.
7. Consider sedation: If your pet is particularly anxious, talk to your vet about whether sedation is appropriate.
8. Arrive early: Arrive at the airport early to allow time for check-in and any additional security screenings.



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