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5 Foolproof Ways to Compare Moving Companies

When moving from one place to another, there are many reasons people prefer using moving companies. The main reason behind it is that a moving company’s help ensures that their work gets done on time without facing any hassle. 

Moving companies are experienced and have been growing over the years, as more and more people avail their services. Are you actively searching for a moving company and wondering how to compare moving companies? If you are inexperienced and haven’t hired a moving company before, this blog will help you compare movers and moving company quotes. For a detailed moving comparison, make sure to give this a read till the very end. 


How to Compare Moving Companies the Right Way? 


1. Compare Reviews 


When it comes to selecting a professional company for your move, it is always a good idea to take things seriously and work on gathering information. If you are wondering how to compare moving companies, then you should start by comparing the reviews. For comparing reviews, you can opt for multiple sources so that you end up satisfied with your research. 

This includes checking various sources such as Google Reviews and reviews on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

Don’t forget to view the respective websites of the companies and see what people have to say. You could also join Facebook groups related to moving where people have shared their personal experiences. 

2. Compare Prices 

Staying budget-friendly during a move is very important because when you are moving, there are tons of other things you need to take care of, involving spending money. When you compare moving prices, keep in mind that prices that are offered by companies in the same area can vary greatly. 

Gather and compare the rates of all the moving companies that you have chosen and then see what kind of work you need to get done. Usually, the moving prices depend on what you want to move, so first, make a list of that.
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While the cost is the key and should be your priority, it shouldn’t be the sole factor you should focus on. If a moving company offers very low prices and things seem fishy, don’t opt for such a company. You can also reach out directly for an estimate so they can guide you better. 

3. Compare Services 

Compare moving Services

Once you compare moving quotes, the next step on how to compare moving companies is to compare the services between moving companies. Common moving services usually include packing, unpacking, packing fragile items separately, assembling and disassembling furniture, and moving large and small items out of the house into the new house. 

Moreover, once you have decided on a moving company and booked their services, see what their availability is like, how many hours or days they will complete their job, and how they go about the moving process. 

Also, make sure that the moving company workers are professionals, know how to communicate, and complete their work effectively.  

4. Compare License and Insurance 

After you have compared the reviews, prices and services, then comes the time when you have to compare the licenses. Checking the moving company’s license is very important when you want to know how to compare moving companies, as you will be assured that the moving company is authentic and professional and will not turn out to be a fraud. 

Furthermore, you can request the license information from the moving companies and see what code of conduct they have and what ethics they follow. Also, make sure that the moving company has a valid U.S Department of Transportation (U.S DOT) number. 

5. Compare Communication Efforts and Dealing 

Compare Communication Efforts and Dealing

Other than how the moving companies provide their services, you should focus on how effectively the people communicate with you. If the moving company workers seem uninterested in guiding you and respond after days, you should know there is a red flag. 

See how the moving companies respond to the questions you have in mind and if they deal with you professionally or not. If the moving company is able to satisfy you, then you should know that the moving company should be an option that you want to opt for. 

We hope that with the tips mentioned above, you get to choose the best moving company and learn how to compare moving companies. If you want professionals to help you during a move, reach out to us at Orlando Express Movers.  

We deal in all kinds of moving including house, apartment and offices which means we have an extensive experience of 14 years with 3600 completed jobs. As friendly, affordable, and dependable movers, we believe in providing the highest standards of customer care. For any questions or to get a free quote, you can contact us today at 321-304-0386.

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